Country championships a success

Winners are grinners: Michael Edwards (South Western) Section 2, Lindsay Patullo (Murray Valley) Section 3, Stephen Forster (Geelong) Section 1, Maureen Alberts (Geelong) Section 4. photographs supplied



The Victorian Country Regional Association Croquet Championships were held in the Latrobe Valley from April 3-6.
Play was conducted on the Traralgon and Morwell Croquet Courts, and the greens of the Traralgon RSL Bowls Club.
Players travelled from all parts of Victoria to compete in the popular three-day event.
Teams of four played eight games of two hours and 15 minutes over the duration of the competition.
Section 1 with handicaps -3 to 4.5     
Winner Stephen Forster, Geelong 7 wins 128 net points, total 184 hoops.
Runner-up Kenn Boal, Goulburn Valley 6 wins 77 net points, total 177 hoops.
Section 2 with handicaps 5 to 9
Michael Edwards, South Western 6 wins 34 net points, total 130 hoops.
Runner-up Kevin Bluff, Geelong 6 wins 33 net points, total 100 hoops.
Section 3 with handicaps 10 to 14
Winner Lindsay Patullo, Murray Valley 8 wins 145 net points, total 193 hoops.
Runner-up Kim Collins, Geelong 6 wins 73 net points, total 158 hoops.
Section 4 with handicaps 16 to 20
Maureen Alberts, Geelong 6 wins 73 net points, total 130 hoops.
Runner-up David Maher 6 wins 13 net points, total 90 hoops.
Winner of the Shield the team with the most hoops made
Geelong 572, Goulburn Valley 516, Murray Valley 461, Gippsland 425, Gippsland (2) 412, North Eastern 379, Ballarat 362, South Western 337, Northern 313.
A total of 3777 hoops made.
Organisers said it was a very successful championships, enjoyed by all players.

All smiles: Gippsland Croquet Association president Joy Davis, Maureen Alberts, Kim Collins, Kevin Bluff, Stephen Forster (all members of the winning Geelong team), Traralgon Croquet Club president Simon Trebilcock and Latrobe City Mayor Kellie O’Callaghan.