Deferral of netball court works

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FOLLOWING a meeting on Monday, April 4, Latrobe City Council and the Traralgon Netball Association (TNA) have decided to defer the planned netball court resurfacing works at Agnes Brereton Reserve until next summer at a suitable time for the club and the contractor.
This decision comes after the principal contractor was engaged to deliver crucial emergency repair works in response to the East Gippsland floods, which meant they were unable to begin the works as planned.
Although the contractor would possibly be available in May to commence works, the works may not be completed prior to the State Netball Tournament planned to be held at the venue in early June.
Since the flood event is considered an exceptional circumstance, the federal government funding body will consider council’s request for an extension of time.
As part of the overall project, all 10 netball courts will be resurfaced, the concrete edge beam and footpath along the eastern edge of the four courts along Breed Street will be replaced, along with the kerb and footpath along the western and northern edges of the six courts to the east of the car park.
In the meantime, all courts will be available for full use by TNA and the community after some reinstatement works are completed on the front four courts.
Mayor Kellie O’Callaghan acknowledged the TNA community for their patience.
“Council is grateful for the understanding and support of the club members as we’ve worked through this lengthy process, understanding that some elements of this situation are out of our control,” she said.
“Ultimately, our local kids will be able to continue with their season without any further disruption, and we can look forward to seeing the works completed in the warmer months,”
Traralgon Netball Association president Deb Archer thanked council for working with the club and listening to their concerns in an effort to find a way forward.
“This has been a challenging situation to contend with, particularly following two years of disruptions due to COVID-19. We look forward to being able to have a normal season and see our kids play the game they love so much while working with Latrobe City and the contractor to ensure the works get delivered next summer,” she said.