Who will it be?

Champion: Morwell's Courtney Garth knows what it takes to win a premiership.





THE ultimate battle, that defines careers and makes history is almost upon us. Moe and Morwell will face off in the Gippsland League Grand final on Morwell’s home deck this Saturday.

Morwell won themselves a trip to the big dance after defeating Leongatha 48 to 45 in the preliminary final, setting up a rematch against Moe. It was a seesawing battle in warmer conditions which took its toll on the players, but the Tigers came out the better.

Grand Finals are no easy feat and there is no doubt this fight between the Lions and the Tigers will be one for the ages.

The score is pretty even between these two teams, but with recent form guides, the punters may put their money on Moe.

In this year’s opening round, Morwell defeated Moe 54 to 51, then Moe returned the favour in Round 12, winning 57 to 49 and then again in the second semi-final, attaining victory by four goals.

A premiership is no easy feat, and these two teams will need to bring everything they have to be the winners at the end of the day.

Moe’s shooting power has been unstoppable with goaler of the year Ramayer Gourley averaging 40.6 goals per game.

The team collectively averages the highest scores and will be the first point of concern for Morwell to combat.

These two sides equal each other out as Morwell’s strength comes from its defensive prowess, with the likes of playing-coach and league best-and-fairest Tanya Budge the general down back, that will have the answers to the Lions question. Not to mention the defensive duo of Budge and Courtney Garth was the exact combination that helped the Tigers go undefeated toward a flag last season.

Up-and-comer Anna Solomon has impressive game awareness and could be a very handy player come Grand Final day.

Moe’s defenders have been given recognition as well, with Oliva Barnett awarded team of the year squad honours. Barnett will no doubt pose a challenge for Morwell’s Daisy Hill and Claire Marks.

The premiership could be won and lost in the midcourt, with a battle of gigantic proportions between superstar young athletes. Moe’s young midcourt in Alex Moody, Charlize Bird and Macy Gardiner will have the legs to run all day and match Morwell’s physicality and running ability.

Moe’s Georgia Moody will have all the confidence in the world, having been named in the Vic Fury squad earlier this year. The dynamic speedster can play any attacking position and might hold the key to a Moe triumph.

Premiership winning Morwell midcourt in Chloe Radford and Saskia Eeenjes however have proven they can take it to anyone.

Morwell’s Rachel Tatterson might have an extra inch to her step as she celebrated her 300th senior club game at the weekend, with her 301st being the ultimate game – a Grand Final.

One things for sure though – nothing will come easy in this game.

Morwell coach Rachael Paterson said this season has been such a competitive one.

“What a year and we have experienced it all, we have been pushed, winning some hard fought games and learning valuable lessons with a focus each week to make this last game of the season,” she said.

“Moe are formidable opponents and Ramayer will have her team firing and full of confidence as they should be.”

Speaking on match-ups, Paterson said there will be key positions all over the court which every player will know their role.

“The last few weeks have been really good for us as a group, we are determined, our captains are focused on leading this team out on Saturday and we are ready for it,” Paterson said.

“We will turn up with our whole club and families behind us ready to play.”

Expect every player to leave it all out there on the court. Expect every spectator to be on the edge of their seat. Expect for a Grand Final like no other.

Tip: Winner to be determined in overtime.

Morwell’s road to the Grand Final 

Road to the Grand Final
Round 1: Morwell 54 d Moe 41
Round 2: Morwell 52 d Drouin 38
Round 3: Morwell 53 d Traralgon 24
Round 4: Mowell 29 draw Warragul 29
Round 5: Morwell 57 d Maffra 24
Round 6:Morwell 49 d Leongatha 43
Round 7: Morwell 62 d Sale 41
Round 8: Morwell 58 d Bairnsdale 42
Round 9: Morwell 44 d Wonthaggi 37
Round 10: Morwell 48 d Warragul 32
Round 11: Morwell 41 d Traralgon 36
Round 12: Moe 57 d Morwell 49
Round 13: Morwell 50 d Drouin 36
Round 14: Morwell 59 d Maffra 26
Round 15: Morwell 42 d Leongtha 41
Round 16: Morwell 52 d Sale 39
Round 17: Morwell 58 d Bairnsdale 25
Round 18: Morwell 55 d Wonthaggi 28
QF: Morwell 48 d Leongatha 40
SF: Moe 48 d Morwell 44
PF: Morwell 48 d Leongtha 45

Moe’s road to the Grand Final 

Round 1: Morwell 54 d Moe 41
Round 2: Moe 62 d Warragul 50
Round 3: Moe 65 d Wonthaggi 30
Round 4: Moe 64 d Bairnsdale 36
Round 5:Moe 63 d Sale 41
Round 6: Moe 57 d Traralgon 45
Round 7: Moe 61 d Leongtha 41
Round 8: Moe 52 d Drouin 49
Round 9: Moe 89 d Maffra 35
Round 10: Moe 82 d Bairnsdale 33
Round 11: Moe 65 d Wonthaggi 34
Round 12: Moe 57 d Morwell 49
Round 13: Moe 72 d Warragul 35
Round 14: Moe 77 d Sale 37
Round 15: Moe 64 d Traralgon 39
Round 16: Moe 61 d Leongatha 39
Round 17: Moe 67 d Maffra 23
Round 18: Moe 48 d Drouin 40
SF: Moe 48 d Morwell 44

Morwell player profiles

Coaches: Rachael Paterson and Tanya Budge
Daisy Hill (GS, GA): Dominant and accurate target in the shooting circle, two-time premiership player with extensive experience in pressure situations. Loud and proud.
Claire Marks (GA, GS): The other half of our shooting duo, co-captain and three-time premiership player. Level headed and reads the play well. She will take on the game when needed and is accurate from all over the circle.
Saskia Eenjes (WA, C, WD): Quick and agile midcourter with amazing offensive skills and defensive pressure. Another premiership player from last season who will be looking to use her speed to make an impact.
Chloe Radford (C, WA, WD): Junior and two-time senior premiership player. Chloe’s connection with the shooting circle is key. Her drives out of defence are strong and she attacks the ball hard.
Tanya Budge (WD, GD, GK): League best-and-fairest, league MVP, multiple premierships and all round legend of the game. Tonna is lethal in defence and is sure to turnover lots of ball for Morwell in any position.
Courtney Garth (GD, GK): Tall and athletic defender. Court’s rebounding and defensive pressure is second to none. Co-captain and three-time premiership player is sure to make her presence known.
Anna Solomon (GK, GD, WD): Young gun of the team. Anna is another key defender that rounds out an amazing defensive trio. Superstar now and of the future, Anna has a huge vertical leap and offers great speed.
Rachel Tatterson (WA, C, WD): The third of the three-time premiership playing trio, Rach is a playmaker who takes control when needed. Another impact player whose experience and knowledge of the game makes her dangerous for the opposition.
Ellie Pollutro (C, WA, WD): Handy midcourter who provides solid support, works hard and won’t give up. A part of the 2019 and 2022 premiership sides, Ellie is an impact player whose fresh legs will provide good run for Morwell throughout the game.
Abbey Noblett (GS, GS): Strong, young shooter with a great holding game. Strong rebounder and accurate shooter who will be ready to step on the court when needed.

Moe player profiles

Coaches: Ramayer Gourley and Ashlea Stubbs
Emma Sculley (GK): Emma is known for her incredible timing, consistently plucking the ball out of seemingly nowhere and a rebounding machine.
Olivia Barnett (GD): Olivia is one of the cleanest defenders in the league with an impressive success rate, creating significant turnovers on court.
Hollie Bugeja (WD): Hollie work rate sets her apart from opponents, she sets the pace and challenges everyone to keep up.
Macy Gardiner (C): Macy is such a versatile player with a high work rate, relentless in her defence and fast paced in attack.
Alex Moody (WA): Our Captain. A well-rounded netballer with being able to use her body and speed across the court with pinpoint accuracy on the feed
Georgia Moody (GA): Geogria’s speed and accuracy will be second to none in her hunt for her second Gippsland League Premiership.
Ramayer Gourley (GS): Our Coach,the leading goal scorer and queen of both end of the court. She is an asset on and off the court with her extensive knowledge of the game
Charlize Bird (INT): Already a premiership player. You will find Charlize in every contest and will have a fly at every ball she can get her hands on.
Jordan Pyle (INT): Jordan is an outstanding defender, amazing athletic ability, competitive through the air and on the drive.
Abby Gregorovich (INT): Abby has stepped up to every challenge with a team first attitude and a smile. She has transitioned with easy into the GA and WA role.

Star: Georgia Moody will be a key player if Moe wins the Grand Final.

Tiger time: Morwell will be out to make it a hat-trick of A Grade flags this weekend, after winning in 2019 and 2022 (above).

Viva la Lions: Moe is aiming to win its first A Grade flag since 2018. File photographs