ROUND 10 of North Gippsland football had it all.

Yet, once again for the most part, the league showed its top-heavy (or perhaps bottom-heavy) nature as three of the five games ended in 90-plus point thrashings.

On the flip side, an intense duel between two heavyweights played its course, proving just how tight things are at the top in terms of competition – at least between the top three.

The NGFNL also celebrated Pride Round once again, which was hosted by Heyfield, who competed for the Pride Cup for the second time in two years, this time coming up against Cowwarr.


TTU 11.13 (79) def YYN 10.12 (72)

TTU survived an eight-point swing.

The Bombers’ 11.13 (79) was enough to defeat the Jets’ 10.12 (72), in a game that had all types of twists and turns at Tyers Rec.

They are bound to collide again come finals time given each of their form.

The reigning premier flew out the gate, bringing constant pressure across the ground leading to inaccurate kicking from the visitors.

The Bombers seemed a few steps ahead, flinging the ball across the ground with damaging run and carry, winning the opening quarter 3.4 (22) to 0.4 (4).

That intent over the ball and suffocation from end-to-end continued much the same in the second term, with midfielders like Frazar Brouns, Flynn Shields and Oscar Aliotta leading the charge into the Bombers forward line.

TTU pushed their lead out to as much as 33 points by halftime, and at 7.8 (50) to 2.5 (17) surely looked to easily win their eighth game in a row.

YYN led their typical fightback, much the same as their near miss against Yarram a few weeks ago, possessing the ball and finding teammates more efficiently further afield, resulting in a four goals to one third term the way of the Jets, and cutting the margin to two goals in time for the final quarter of play.

YYN’s Anthony Young had been inserted into the midfield and powered through contest after contest to establish a bish-bash tone that was needed, and his teammates followed suit – with TTU beginning to sweat contemplating another tight final minutes against their newly developed rivals.

It seemed the Bombers had weathered the storm however, pushing their lead back out to 32 points following goals from captain Jye Nielson, Caleb Michie and a bomb from Shields.

Little time remained as both sides would’ve been thinking ahead to next week’s matches, but it’s not over until it’s over.

The Jets were now working at a frantic pace, and although TTU had blown the game out, it appeared as if it had taken its toll, with the YYN players finding some extra energy in the dying minutes to attempt a miraculous win.

League-leading goal kicker Dean MacDonald played on from within 45 metres closer to the boundary to nail the Jets’ first of four goals that included an unbelievable check-side goal in the pocket through traffic from Riley Byrne and a clean slot from Barrie Burnett for his second made it all possible.

Eight points in it with barely a minute remaining, if even, YYN playing coach Tom Hutton claimed a mark 30 metres out almost directly in front with all signs pointing to a final centre clearance to decide the result.

Hutton’s shot stayed left and went through for a behind, the siren blowing seconds later.

The best for TTU included Nielson (two goals), James Jacobsen, Zach Kilgower limiting MacDonald to just two goals, Michael Jacobsen, William Curtain (two goals) and Trent Hourigan wreaking havoc across half-back.

Anthony Young claimed best-on-ground for YYN, along with standouts Jai Massese, Dylan Brooks, Bailey Brown, Dylan Bentley, and Rowan Duguid.

TTU move two games clear of YYN in third, with a win-loss record of 8-1, while the Jets stagnate at 6-3, holding their position thanks to Rosedale’s win over Yarram.


Churchill 23.10 (148) def Glengarry 7.12 (54)

CHURCHILL capped off a strong performance at home.

Desperate for their third win of the season, the Cougars were favourites as they welcomed Glengarry to Gaskin Park, getting the points in a 23.10 (148) to 7.12 (54) win.

After an eventful day which required two ambulances to attend to two separate, horrifying injuries, the seniors got underway on schedule.

In the thirds, a Glengarry youngster suffered what is suspected to be a compound fracture – forcing the game to be abandoned finishing in a draw, while in the reserves, Churchill club legend Quinton Whitehead suffered a broken leg and dislocated ankle following a late tackle.

Churchill were up to scratch as soon as the game was underway, kicking away to an early 21-point lead. A dominant second quarter followed, which saw the home side add another five goals, stretching the margin out to 41 points.

Churchill’s class began to ooze in the third term, including a special three minute blitz from Joe Whykes who wound back the clock and kicked three goals to give the Cougars even more breathing space.

A solid final term saw Churchill run out 94-point winners, one goal shy of the triple figure margin.

Jordan Fenech was best-on-ground for the home side, joined by Joe Whykes (four goals), Jye Williams (three goals), Brendan Holt (three goals), Ben Skinner and Blake Whykes.

For the Magpies, Thomas Harris was outstanding, also mentioned was Jack Burgess (three goals), Luke Healy, Andrew May, Michael Ryan and Mitch Harris.


Yarram 5.13 (43) def by Rosedale 13.5 (83)

IN what was shaping up to be one of the games of the round, it took perhaps the least likely of turns.

Rosedale, who had recently established themselves as a finals chance, only solidified that mantra, defeating Yarram on their home deck, 13.5 (83) to 5.13 (43).

Funnily, both sides had the same scoring shots, with accuracy defining the game.

Both sides had four scoring chances in the first quarter, and it went just as you would expect considering the final score. Yarram could only manage four behinds, with the visitors kicking 3.1 (19).

Rosedale didn’t back down, in fact it looked like Yarram did in the second quarter, as the Blues found a second gear, boosting their advantage while kicking 5.3 (33) to 1.2 (8) to give themselves a 40-point halftime lead.

If the game was close, it would’ve granted an exciting finish, with nothing sitting between the two sides in the second half.

Yarram found a few more chances in front of goal in the third term, bringing the margin back out to 25 points. But just as Rosedale have for most of the season, they completed a strong win with a strong finish, extending the margin back out to 40 points as the final siren rang.

As both sides had 18 shots on goal, the first thing you notice is who was more accurate, and with such a discrepancy, you are led to believe that it was one of the driving factors for the Blues.

Luke Stuckey was highly rated for Rosedale, as was Jake Suter, Riley Boyle, Will Logan (six goals), Blake Safstrom, and Jake Pawley. Spencer Fox also kicked three majors.

For Yarram, Liam Bentley was best, alongside Boadie Motton, Kayleb Pearce, Jake McFarland, Liam Farley and Griffin Underwood. Josh Swift added three goals to his season tally of 39, to currently be third throughout the league.

Yarram stay within the top five, however now more uncomfortably, with just a win separating them from Rosedale in sixth.

With a big win over a top-four team, Rosedale will be beaming with confidence as they set up for their next block of games. In the next month they face teams all up and down the ladder, with Gormandale, Heyfield, TTU, and Sale City.


Heyfield 27.14 (176) def Cowwarr 8.5 (53)

BACK into the swing of things.

Heyfield returned to the winner’s circle after an absence of five weeks, taking care of business with ease against Cowwarr, winning 27.14 (176) to 8.5 (53).

Cowwarr did their very best to keep the scores ticking for their side of things, but Heyfield just did everything more than three times better, besting the Saints in every quarter.

Heyfield’s 20-point quarter time margin turned into 49 points by half time at Gordon Street. But just like the Kangaroos have shown in a few instances this season, they only get better as the game grows older.

In the second half, Heyfield began with a six-goal to one third term, putting the game well out of the Saints’ reach, with the margin now at 80 points.

The final quarter put the stamp on the win, as Heyfield marked their authority, adding eight more goals to one, which saw the margin soar over 100 points, finally landing at 123 by the final margin.

It was a big day out for Heyfield duo Finn Stephenson and Mitch Bennett, who kicked 15 goals between them. Even without their contributions, Heyfield still would have won.

Brayden Woodland was best-on-ground for the Kangaroos; also highlighted was Tyson Birss, Stephenson, Nick Dinsdale (three goals), Tyson Graham and Liam Heasley.

For Cowwarr, Nick Twomey, Haydn Hector, Jackson Davison, Brady Hood, Keenan Hughes and Brett Grieve were all outstanding.

The win keeps Heyfield in touch with the top five, but due to Rosedale’s win, the Blues remain hot on their toes.


Gormandale 3.6 (24)  def by Woodside 45.7 (277)

WOODSIDE dismantled Gormandale, again.

Travelling to Gormandale, the visitors had no problems whatsoever in dishing out the biggest win of the season thus far, beating the Tigers by 253 points, 45.7 (277) to 3.6 (24).

Apparently, not much has changed in a year at all, as this win for the Wildcats comes 343 days after they defeated the Tigers by 254 points, in Round 14 last year.

Woodside was all but sure to pick up the four points before the game had even started, it was always going to be a matter of how much.

They certainly did not hold back on their hosts, kicking 11.3 (69) to two behinds in the first quarter to open up a 67-point quarter time lead.

Adding another 13 goals straight in the second term, Woodside neared the 150 mark, and with a potential score of around 300 on the cards, Gormandale was in strife.

However, the home side did manage to get on the board in the second term, kicking 2.1 (13), but the game was already lost with the margin sitting at 132 points.

Woodside would not step off the throat of their opponents. In the third quarter Gormandale managed to add one more goal, but that would be their last for the game, as the Wildcats added 8.1 (49), putting the margin ever-so-close to 200 points with a quarter to play.

It would eventually reach that feat within the next 30 minutes, with Woodside saving their best quarter for last, adding 13.3 (81) to one behind in the final term.

Woodside personified accuracy throughout the game, with more than 85 per cent of their scoring shots registering goals. Contributing to that total was Woodside captain Ryan Foat, along with Michael O’Sullivan, who kicked 12 goals each. Jai Williams joined in on the fun, kicking eight, earning himself best-on-ground honours.

Also in the best with that trio was Thomas King (three goals), Jeremy Morgan, and Joshua Kennedy.

For Gormandale, Tristan Salerno was classy as always; also noticed was Jet Krimhand, Chris Potalej, Flynn Roscoe, Kodie Owen and Nicholas Millington.

With a game in hand ahead of Traralgon Tyers United, Woodside didn’t necessarily need the percentage, but they received a welcome boost, seeing it rise to over 280.


SALE CITY had the bye.