Equipped for emergencies

KNOWLEDGE is power, and nobody knows this more than registered nurse Brionhy Westbrook.

Having worked in emergency departments, Ms Westbrook too frequently encountered situations where families of a sick child were unprepared for medical emergencies.

“You see tragic things, and find only a small number of people know how to cope in emergencies and have CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) skills,” Ms Westbrook, who is also a mother, said.

“Some parents don’t know what to do, and maybe can’t attend a St John First Aid Course, or feel too intimidated to join one; ours is a niche market.”

Although KidzAid is based in the Mornington Peninsula, Ms Westbrook said it would spread its wings and knowledge to the Latrobe Valley in two sessions to be held at the Morwell Neighbourhood House in Beattie Crescent on Sunday.

“After receiving a number of enquires from mothers in the Latrobe Valley area, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to plan a road trip to Morwell and give families the opportunity to participate in our popular first aid courses,” she said.

“We want every parent, grandparent and babysitter to walk away from our education session and feel empowered.”

She said each participant would eventually become confident and competent with paediatric CPR.

“While the topics we discuss like CPR, choking, burns and drowning can be confronting, as parents the best thing we can do for our children is to arm ourself with knowledge,” Ms Westbrook said.

She said despite its relative newness, KidzAid had experienced “great growth” in the past 12 months.

Places to the Sunday sessions in Morwell are limited; parents, grandparents or babysitters interested in learning life-saving skills with KidzAid should phone Brionhy Westbrook on 0468 316 911 or email

admin@kidzaid.com.au to make a reservation.

For more information on KidzAid, visit