Gibson’s gaffe

COUNCILLOR Sharon Gibson has moved to clarify confusion over voting at Monday night’s special meeting.

The Moe-based councillor abstained from voting, but she has assured The Express it was unintentional.

As deputy mayor, Cr Gibson chaired the meeting in place of mayor Sandy Kam who had declared an interest in the Moe revitalisation project matter and left the room.

When it came to counting the votes, Cr Gibson spoke aloud the names of each councillor, but forgot to count herself.

She declared the motion carried and immediately closed the meeting, after which it was too late to cast her own vote.

Cr Gibson said a move to the Moe Town Hall, where the seating for councillors was arranged differently to the chambers in Morwell, was the source of her confusion.

“Normally in the chamber it’s a circle and you come back to yourself at the end and we’re just so used to doing it that way,” she said.