Lobbyists celebrate outcome

MAJORITY ruled on Monday night as Latrobe City Council voted to honour the results of a three-month review into the Moe revitalisation project.

The move to push forward with the search for funding to construct a new civic hub, library and youth precinct along the George Street railway yard came to the delight of the ‘Save Moe’s Future’ lobby, which saw the review as an unnecessary delay.

“It impressed me how the town galvanised together for the outcome,” Committee for Moe president Manny Gelagotis said.

He said the issue was the first major test of the umbrella group’s structure.

“I’m over the moon about how we engaged with the community. We gathered the troops and had a united voice.”

The review found most people consulted wanted the revitalisation project to go ahead based on the approved existing plans, while others opposed some aspects of the project including the relocation of the Moe library from Kirk Street.

A full Moe Town Hall heard minor changes could still be made to the design.

One of 28 speakers to address council on Monday night, outgoing manager of Old Gippstown, Michael Fozard said the review had created “further division” in the town.

“In life we have to accept we don’t always get what we want,” he said of those who disagreed with aspects of the design.

Librarian Jenny McNabb told the meeting she didn’t approve of the design of the proposed new library, but understood the project was “needed by Moe”.

The Moe and District Residents Association, which opposed certain aspects of the plan, was unavailable for comment.