Plan design still ‘flawed’

THE Moe and District Residents Association says minor tweaking of parts of the town’s revitalisation plan will not be enough to fix what it describes as “flawed” design features.

Responding to the Latrobe City Council’s decision to move forward with the current plans to build a civic hub, library and skate park along the George Street railway precinct, the group said the design in its current form would hurt Moe’s future development.

“Council officers never come out and say ‘we forgot about a railway duplication, we forgot a regional skate park needs to be bigger or we forgot a land allocation on the north side for a railway station, we forgot about a road transport overpass and the reserve land needed for that’,” association member Cheryl Wragg said.

“It gives the impression to the community that the design is well thought out when it’s not from a design perspective and they have to keep on correcting it.”

Latrobe City chief executive Paul Buckley said plans met the requirements of railway authorities and the definition of a ‘regional skate park’ under council’s skate and BMX plan.

“What people generally need to understand is the decisions have been made by the council, not the officers,” he said.