Tried and true for 85 years

THE Country Women’s Association of Victoria has held strong for the past 85 years, so it’s only fitting its celebratory cook book is titled “Well Preserved”.

For Latrobe group president Joy Davis and North Gippsland group president Anne Du V , there’s no question the organisation is as relevant today as it was at its inception.

“There’s still definitely a need,” Joy said.

“The different age groups how they all work together and they’ve all got common interests, it’s just wonderful.”

But the pair acknowledges, for the CWA’s continued success, it must evolve.

“It’s the night time branches that are going to keep the organisation going in the future,” Anne said.

“There’ll always be a need for the daytime branches for older ladies, but we need to cater for the working women.”

She said night meetings were proving most popular in city areas.

“What people are craving for is home cooking, home values, I suppose, that’s what the women in the city haven’t got, they’re craving for what we can teach them,” Anne said.

Family violence will this year become a focus of the CWA, with a seminar being held on Friday, 3 May in Traralgon.

“The idea is to get the information out to the members so that they can be aware and if we need to advise somebody who needs help, we can,” Joy said.

“We want to continue to keep growing and be part of the community and help where we can.”

The cook book features 85 recipes for preserving spreads including jam, marmalade, pickles and sauce. It can be purchased by phoning 9827 8971 or visiting