Musos to be heard

Young musicians will finally be heard with the release of a compilation CD on Saturday.

For the past nine months Be Heard, a radio program which focuses on youth issues and culture within the Gippsland community, has been airing on Gippsland FM and presenters have compiled a CD consisting entirely of local talent.

CJ Dunlop, a presenter of the show and organiser of the event, said the aim was to promote youth in the community.

“We get involved in what’s happening and we want to give the youth a chance to be heard,” Ms Dunlop said.

Fifteen local artists will perform at Old Gippstown to celebrate the release of the album.

Headlining the performance will be hip hop artists, Kwasi and Epps, who both grew up in the Latrobe Valley.

The two will perform songs they wrote and recorded together.

“I’m just so excited to showcase our music because we haven’t played in Gippsland lately, but it will be great to be back to perform for possibly a wider, different audience,” Epps said.

“We’re used to playing in nightclubs; when we play for other audiences it’s good because it forces us to make it relatable.”

Their performance will also incorporate other guest hip hop artists.

“We’re pretty excited, we’ll be playing a set with a DJ and we have a few guests that will jump on stage,” Kwasi said.

Local band, The Spitting Swallows, has its song ‘Queen of Hearts’ featured on the compilation and is excited about playing on the day.

“There is a real positive buzz around this CD launch and it’s good to see so many local bands featured. Hopefully this will attract a nice big crowd on the day, of both musicians and music fans alike,” The Spitting Swallows bassist Wes Hopkins said.

People of all ages can listen to the local talent, watch dance performances and shop at the market stalls from 11am.

“I think because it’s an all ages event, it shows everyone what the Gippsland music scene is like and how important it is to support it,” Ms Dunlop said.

For more information about the event and the Be Heard radio program visit