The online grocery switch

Churchill’s Elizabeth Matherson has made two online shops since making the switch to the system three weeks ago, and believes her days walking supermarket aisles are behind her.

“I’ve got bad legs, so walking around the store with my walking frame could be a bit of a hastle for me, so being able to order from home has been really convenient,” Ms Matherson said.

Making a $100 to $200 order online on Tuesdays, Ms Matherson has her groceries delivered the next day.

“It takes about 30 minutes (to make the order), but because I don’t have to travel into the shop, it really frees up my time for other things; it’s panning out quite well for me,” she said.

“I was a little unsure how they would pack everything, but it worked out quite well in that sense, so I don’t have any concerns about it anymore really.”