‘Difficult decision’ for TAFE

ABOUT 35 jobs at GippsTAFE will be axed by July, with more predicted to come.

These announcements were made following the State Government’s 2012-13 budget, which slashed about $100 million in funding from the TAFE sector.

According to GippsTAFE general manager corporate services Jim Vivian, the institute’s hospitality department is likely to face the full brunt of the cuts.

“This is going to be a very difficult decision for us and we will need to work with staff, government and stakeholders to make sure we are still viable,” Mr Vivian said.

Mr Vivian said GippsTAFE was entering a “complete restructure” mode, with significant changes to come into place as of next year.

He said GippsTAFE’s hospitality training facility, Waratah restaurant, could also be impacted by the budget cuts, adding there was a possibility the restaurant could completely shut its doors, as of next year.

While Mr Vivian was unable to disclose the full impact of these changes, he said “more than a few hundred students” looking to enrol in the institute would “have to look for other alternatives”.

“They will either have to look at other providers or be willing to pay triple the fee of what they generally have to pay,” he said.

Mr Vivian added students looking at undertaking sport and recreation, and business courses would face similar struggles as the hospitality students.