T’gon is an option: RVL

THE Latrobe Valley Racing Club in Traralgon has been suggested as a possible venue for the Moe Racing Club’s 4 August meet.

A Racing Victoria Limited and Country Racing Victoria infrastructure sub-committee met last week and confirmed the Moe track was unsuitable for wet weather racing and as a result, the meets scheduled for 5 June and 4 August would be transferred.

RVL’s racing operations manager Paul Bloodworth confirmed Traralgon was being considered for the 4 August meet, with the venue for the 5 June meet to be announced this week.

“We’d like to try and keep the meetings in Gippsland,” Mr Bloodworth said.

“Traralgon has been inspected by our regional steward and he’s happy with the surface.

“So we’ll have to run some jumpouts over the track and then it might be able to take a transfer.”

According to Mr Bloodworth, the sub-committee’s recommendations needed to be considered at RVL’s budget meeting next month.

“Doing nothing is no longer an option; the issue revolves around addressing the problem with the grass so we’ve made suggestions as to how that can be done,” Mr Bloodworth said.

“Importantly, we also need to work out how the funding arrangements will work because it will involve multiple parties.”

Any works approved by RVL will not begin until after the Moe Cup on 18 October.

Moe Racing Club chief executive David McKinnon was not available for comment.