Waiting for the right moment

WHAT initially started as a “passing hobby” soon developed into an ardent passion for photographer Matthew Fowler.

After winning Gippsland Water’s National Water Week photography award last year, the 20 year-old has snapped countless photographs to enter in this year’s competition.

“I was really shocked when I won the Gippsland Water competition,” Mr Fowler said, seated at the Old Traralgon Reserve, his photographic hub.

“I had taken (the winning) photo a few months before the competition and I thought I would just send it in to show some of my photos.”

While he believed he did not have the “winning shot”, Mr Fowler’s patience at capturing that precise moment has attracted a lot of interest.

With a passion for macro photography, his close-up photo of a bee carrying pollen from a flower secured the young photographer a spot on a photography website.

Describing photography as the ability to showcase “the finer details” of life, especially animals, Mr Fowler said he spent hours trying to capture a “single moment”, adding “patience” was a pre-requisite to taking up photography.

A photo of a duck dipping his head into a pool of water at the Old Traralgon Reserve was the photo that shot the young photographer to fame.

Mr Fowler’s award-winning photo now dons the wall at Gippsland Water’s offices.

“I think (photography) might stay as a hobby for now,” he said.

“In the future however, if I earn enough money to buy better equipment, I might consider (pursuing photography professionally).”

Describing his home as his own “private gallery”, showcasing “all things bugs and insects”, Mr Fowler said he had not yet “exhibited photos for anyone else to see”.

However, his recent shot to fame has inspired the photographer to save up for a 100-millimetre Canon macro lens, with plans to use the lens to capture “photos worth possibly exhibiting”.

Gippsland Water will be hosting its National Water Week photography competition between 21-27 October this year.

For more information, visit the Gippsland Water website at www.gippswater.com.au