Mayor ‘not standing down’

BREAKING: Latrobe City Mayor Sandy Kam has announced she will not stand down in the wake of scathing accusations by a fellow councillor.

In an email circulated to councillors on Saturday, Cr Christine Sindt turned on the mayor she helped elect, calling for Cr Kam’s resignation over her handling of council’s response to the merger of Monash University Gippsland and the University of Ballarat.

Cr Sindt accused Cr Kam of not working hard enough to retain Monash in Gippsland by her alleged failure to attend key meetings with local politicians.

She criticised Cr Kam’s media statements on the issue and said the mayor “did not speak for her”.

In a brief statement this morning, Cr Kam said she had “no intention of standing down as mayor” and she did not believe she had acted in contravention to her role.

“In my role as mayor, I am committed to leading Latrobe City Council and helping all councillors to participate and work together in the interests of our community,” Cr Kam said.

She quoted section eight of the Latrobe City Council Councillor Code of Conduct which states: “We will endeavour to ensure that the messages communicated through the media are clear and consistent, and positively portray the Council as a decisive and responsible governing body.

The Mayor will provide official comment to the media on behalf of Council where the matter is of a political, controversial or sensitive nature.”

Cr Kam said she believed “in the importance of effectively representing our community and will continue to do this as mayor of Latrobe City Council”.

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