English abroad

Teaching English to Japanese students should come naturally for Latrobe City’s next representative assisted language teacher Elizabeth Bacchetti.

Ms Bacchetti will teach at several primary schools in Latrobe City’s Japanese sister city Takasago, after successfully applying for the Takasago-sponsored opportunity.

“I applied because I always had a willingness to deepen my knowledge of Japan and learn more about international relations,” Ms Bacchetti said.

“I just wanted to use all the skills I’ve built up over the past couple years, while teaching English.”

Next March will not be the first time the 24 year-old has travelled overseas to educate youngsters.

“When I was in my gap year between high school and uni I went to Poland for six months and stayed with a family there while teaching English to primary school and high school students,” Ms Bacchetti said.

“I’ve had that experience before, but I was pretty young then and I feel a lot more equipped now.”

The former journalist is now studying her Masters in Sustainability and hopes to use this in conjunction with the experience she gains overseas in her future career.

Ms Bacchetti said she hoped to practice the Japanese language and learn about their customs and way of life.

“Another big part is representing Latrobe City and being an ambassador for our region and culture and our language and in turn I’ll learn about Japanese politics and customs.”

“I think that I have a lot to learn from their culture. It’s very different from ours. I guess that difference attracted me to this opportunity.”

Mayor Sharon Gibson said Ms Bacchetti was the ninth young Latrobe City resident to take part in the program.

“I am certain that Ms Bacchetti will enjoy a once in a lifetime experience during her time in Takasago and will ensure the assisted language teacher position remains a valuable part of our sister city relationship,” Councillor Gibson said.