Campaign to retain renewable energy target

Friends of the Earth representatives and members of the community came together in Morwell yesterday as part of a campaign to retain the renewable energy target.

FOTE recently kicked off its renewable energy target road trip, where they will visit 11 regions either currently using renewable energy or those they believe could transition from traditional fuels like coal.

Campaigns coordinator Cam Walker said the group feared the Federal Government could use a review into the target, to “gut” it.

“If they gut the RET, that removes all certainty for investors in the realm of renewables,” Mr Walker said.

“We want to see a refocusing of public funds away from fossil fuels and into renewables and it has to include some really substantial investment in the Valley.

“There’s a well-trained workforce in the Valley that could be transitioned.”

The current renewable energy target is 20 per cent by the year 2020.