Think about your behaviour

The latest police operation to target assaults in Gippsland will have “no end date”.

Inspector Mark Langhorn says police will remain vigilant until they see a turnaround in behaviour as part of Operation ARAPO.

Unique to Gippsland, the operation will focus on assaults and public order offences in towns across the region.

“In particular Traralgon and Warragul have seen increases in assaults around our licensed premises and street-type assaults,” Insp Langhorn said.

“What we’re trying to do is proactively address some of those by looking at licensed premises, youth hanging around the streets and trying to prevent unruly behaviour before it gets out of control.”

Insp Langhorne said the operation would use existing local resources, with an extra eight to 10 officers rostered on at any given time and stationed depending on need.

“At Traralgon above and beyond our response you may find extra highway patrol, unmarked covert police in licensed premises and we’ll have additional police and booze buses at any given time.

“What I urge is for people to – if they sense any type of unruly behaviour – call the police because we will be nearby.

“You will be seen, you will be watched.”

Insp Langhorne said while the operation was slated to run in the next three to six months, there would be no end date until “we start seeing a turnaround in behaviour of people of an evening”.

“Think about your behaviour, look after your mates,” he said.