Bins ditched to deter bomb threats

Security measures which saw rubbish bins removed across metropolitan train station platforms amid potential bomb threats have been implemented at Traralgon and Warragul V/Line stations.

Last week it emerged Public Transport Victoria was removing receptacles across selected stations as a result of the increase in National Terrorism Public Alert by the Federal Government last month.

It has since emerged regional ‘premium’ stations, including Traralgon and Warragul would also be affected, with bins being removed from the Gippsland stations over the past fortnight.

However with no alternative methods of public rubbish disposal put in place, the move has prompted concerns about litter management on station platforms.

“Safety is the number one priority for the public transport operators and we urge people to help us keep the network safe and clean,” a PTV spokesperson said.

While there have been reports clear plastic bins, such as those used on the London Tube, could be implemented, specific questions about replacement bins were not answered by PTV.

“To prevent a build-up of litter and rubbish across the network, Metro and V/Line have been undertaking additional cleaning at stations where bins have been removed.”

Public Transport Users Association regional spokesperson Paul Wescott said he was unaware of the removals were being implementing at regional stations.

“You can be sceptical if a terrorist is going to be putting bomb in a Traralgon bin, but it’s very hard to argue against it if the authorities say it is required,” Mr Wescott said.