New year, new baby

THE Latrobe Valley has welcomed its first baby of 2015 – also making the inaugural debut as Latrobe Regional Hospital’s ‘New Year’s Baby’.

“She clearly wanted to make an entrance,” Morwell resident Kacie Fox said after giving birth to her daughter, Olivia Tracy Fox, born at 5.13am on 1 January.

The 2.93kg bub may have skipped the history books after Ms Fox went into labour the day prior – back in 2014.

“I woke up on New Year’s Eve and my contractions were four minutes apart, it stopped at lunch time and at 9pm I woke up and my water broke,” Ms Fox said.

Despite the “painful” wait, she felt lucky to have her sister, Alysha Duncan, a student midwife perform the delivery, as well as her partner Dion by her side.

“Even when I was telling her, ‘I wasn’t doing it anymore’, she got me through. She was about the only one I was listening to properly,” she said with a laugh.

When asked, what they thought it would be like celebrating birthdays on New Year’s Eve, the couple were happy that “at least there would (always) be celebration”.