Police urge keep your cars locked

Latrobe police are asking the community to take precautions to deter the opportunistic thief from stealing items from their vehicles.

During October, 60 per cent of the thefts from motor vehicle in the Latrobe Police Service Area were committed in residential driveways, front yards or outside residential addresses.

Thirty four per cent of those thefts were committed on unlocked vehicles.

Another trend that police are seeing is the rise in tradesmen’s tools being stolen from the rear of utes either at worksites or in driveways.

Victoria Police community liaison officer, Leading Senior Constable Brett Godden said handbags, wallets and phones left in unlocked vehicles provided a temptation to the unscrupulous thief.

“We also think the incidence of theft from motor vehicle may be higher as folks are embarrassed to report it if they have left the vehicle unlocked,” Ldg Snr Const Godden said.

“We are asking the community to take the simple step of locking their vehicle.”

For more information on the prevention of theft from motor vehicle go to the Help Yourself website at helpyourself.vic.gov.au/protect-your-car