PowerWorks’ small, but vital step

Momentum towards a reopened PowerWorks tourism attraction is building slowly, with the facility set to host its first external meeting.

Workforce Planning Australia is set to hold a workshop for the development of the Gippsland Workforce Plan at PowerWorks on Wednesday, in what will be the first activity at the facility since its closure in late 2012.

Spokesperson for the community group established to oversee the site’s revival, Powerworks Holdings chair Darrell White, said the Workforce meeting was the first ‘baby step’ in the gradual reopening of the revised site.

“This is hoped to be one of the business streams for the operation; to be a venue for seminar workshops, which ideally, will be a key role that PowerWorks shall play into the long term,” Mr White said.

The push for the site’s potential reopening passed a significant milestone in late March, after the power industry gifted the facility to Powerworks Holdings.

Mr White said with some internal refurbishments still to occur, the group’s eyes were now set on reopening the brown coal exhibits to the public, through a volunteer roster registration set to begin in about a month’s time.

“We’ve been getting some fantastic feedback since we announced we were moving to reopen, there’s some good vibes out there and we are pleased there’s people out there who know and value the importance of this facility,” Mr White said.