Appeal for witnesses to alleged hit and run

Traralgon police are looking for witnesses to an alleged hit and run incident on Sunday evening.

About 6.30pm, Cowwarr resident Helen Hoppner and her passenger were travelling south along the Traralgon-Maffra Road, Traralgon when Ms Hoppner stopped and indicated to turn right into Marshalls Road.

A vehicle, which Ms Hoppner described as a large dark four-wheel drive, collided with the rear left side of her Toyota Landcruiser.

“The offending vehicle has collided with the rear left side of the vehicle at speed, shearing the entire left side of the victim’s vehicle, forcing it across the road,” Traralgon Police Acting Sergeant Jon Thatcher said.

“The offending vehicle has not stopped and has continued south on Traralgon-Maffra Road.”

Luckily, Ms Hoppner and her passenger were not hurt but managed to flag down a paramedic who was passing by.

“Thank God it was a Landcruiser and not a small car because it would have been in deep trouble. It opened up the side of the car,” Ms Hoppner said.

“It all happened so quickly and it just took off, the other car must be so damaged.”

In addition to police, CFA appliances attended the scene to mitigate fire hazards caused by the Landcruiser’s leaking fuel tank.

Traralgon Police has urged anyone with information on the incident to phone 5172 2700.