Kurnai Morwell to receive upgrade to campus

Funding for an upgrade to 90 per cent of Kurnai College’s Morwell campus is welcome news to principal Anthony Rodaughan.

Mr Rodaughan said after four years of lobbying the previous State Government for the funding, Morwell could finally have a secondary school with facilities to be proud of.

“The site has asbestos, a small amount of redevelopment in terms of a gymnasium and technology centre, there are a couple of parts that won’t be redeveloped but in effect it will be a new-look school; a 90 per cent rebuild,” Mr Rodaughan said.

“I think the community will look forward to having facilities they can be proud of rather than one that’s pretty old and past it’s used by date.

“We’re very excited it has been approved and the money has been allocated, long overdue.

“Four years of lobbying over the last four or five years with no result, now to be included in the first budget is particularly exciting.”

Mr Rodaughan said most of the Morwell campus, which was formerly Kurnai College Maryvale campus for senior students and prior to that, Maryvale High School, had not been updated in more than 40 years.

“Students will have the opportunity to be learning in modern and new facilities rather than facilities that haven’t really changed much over the last 40 or 50 years,” Mr Rodaughan said.

“It’s fantastic, many of our parents will come to visit the school and remark that the classrooms look very different to when they attended.”