Turning up the heat

A three-month hydrotherapy program trial costing an estimated $5300 was unanimously passed at Latrobe City Council’s general meeting on Monday night.

Moe resident Lenore Cox submitted a petition with more than 270 signatures at the beginning of May, requesting council raise the temperature of a Latrobe City pool one day a week.

The 78 year-old completes hydrotherapy exercises to aid arthritis and other medical conditions, but must travel to Sale or Pakenham to access a hydrotherapy pool.

Speaking to her submission on Monday night, Ms Cox reiterated the need for warm water for those with a disability, young mothers with children and anyone completing occupational therapy.

“There is nothing available in Latrobe (City), apart from the hospital (pool), which is mostly full,” Ms Cox told The Express.

“One family contacted me who are travelling three times a week from Moe to Sale.

“That’s how desperate people are for access to a warm water pool.”

Ms Cox said she was “absolutely delighted” to receive the full support of Latrobe City councillors, who supported the Latrobe Leisure Moe Newborough pool being raised to 32.5 degrees.

The trial will be funded from the 2014/15 and 2015/16 recurrent budgets and evaluated according to its viability and attendance in a final report.

If deemed successful, a 12-month hydrotherapy program is estimated to cost almost $11,500 for the 2015/16 financial year.

Latrobe City general manager of recreation and community infrastructure Steven Piasente said the trial’s starting date would be confirmed and advertised shortly.

“The leisure team is now undertaking a communication process with its members to ensure they are up to speed with the plans,” Mr Piasente said.

“We believe members are entitled to be across the details so they can provide their feedback to us.

“Once we have sent this correspondence the community and interested groups will be provided with this information and the advertising process will begin.”

Ms Cox has urged those who signed the petition to attend the Latrobe Leisure Moe Newborough pool to guarantee the hydrotherapy program’s success.

“That will be the crucial test,” she said.