Maryvale mill spill under investigation

An industrial spill at the Maryvale Mill is under investigation by the Environment Protection Authority, to determine whether waste has been released into the Latrobe River.

The investigation comes after a small section of pipe carrying trade wastewater to the Gippsland Water Factory failed late on Sunday night.

The liquid was released into a billabong system at Maryvale, which processes wastewater and stormwater before final release into the Latrobe River.

Australian Paper spokesman Craig Dunn said the situation was brought under control in “just over two hours”.

“The Latrobe River has been tested both upstream and downstream of Maryvale and there has been no detectable change to the water quality in the river as a result of this situation,” Mr Dunn said.

“We expect to contact the EPA for permission to return our treatment systems back to normal operations later this week.”

An EPA spokesperson yesterday said authorised officers were on site investigating and would provide advice on the most appropriate clean-up method.