Potholes pain drivers

DRIVERS battling limited vision and waterlogged roads can blame the rain for punctured tyres, according to VicRoads southeast regional director Scott Lawrence.

Heavy rainfall reached almost 41 millimetres across Latrobe Valley in nine hours on Thursday, causing several potholes to open up.

The Express contacted VicRoads about potential repairs after damage to areas along the Princes Freeway and Monash Way.

Mr Lawrence said VicRoads sent out extra crews on patrol to inspect the roads for predicted damage and to carry out temporary repairs where needed.

“Only temporary repairs such as pothole patching can occur over the winter months, as warm and dry conditions are needed for permanent road surface repairs,” Mr Lawrence said.

“Crews will be constantly repairing these damaged sections across the Latrobe Valley, with works well underway along the Princes Freeway currently.”