Raincheck for Duncan’s run-hundred

The threat of bushfires in last Saturday’s searing heat prompted the postponement of Duncan’s Run Hundred until April.

The ultra-marathon and trail-running festival was called off in the face of 40 degree forecasts and risk of fire in bushland at Tarra Bulga National Park.

“The decision was based on the risk of having people out in the bush on such a hot day if a fire was to occur, so it wasn’t so much concern about… running in the heat,” race director Travis McInnes said.

“It was disappointing to have to get to that point but we feel like we’ve made the right call doing the safe thing.”

McInnes said the date of the event, traditionally staged in December, and potential for cancellation due to heat was a recurring topic of discussion during the planning phase.

However the proximity to the late Duncan Orr’s birthday contributed to the decision to retain the summer date for the tribute.

“It’s always a big point of discussion… the reason we keep it very close to Christmas is it’s very close to Duncan’s birthday; it’s a celebration of that if you like,” McInnes said.

“It’s also a time in the running calendar when there’s not much on, we can usually find a weekend in December close to Christmas that suits us.

“We always knew the hot weather would shut down the event at some stage, we made it to event number three… but the previous two we got really lucky.”

The event will now be staged in April, with an exact date to be determined in the new year.

Entrants may choose to rollover their entry until the proposed April 2016 date.

The run committee is “considering a partial refund but due to costs already incurred are unable to offer a full refund”.

An ultra early bird special is available for anyone interested in taking part who had not registered for the December date.

For more information visit www.duncansrunhundred.com