Big spend on schools

Nine local schools will share in a state-wide $40 million pool for school maintenance.

Education Minister James Merlino announced on Friday that Kurnai College, Moe South Street, Moe Albert Street, Churchill, Glengarry, Hazelwood North, Tyers, Yallourn North and Tanjil South are among 400 schools across Victoria that will soon have better classrooms and facilities, under the government’s Planned Maintenance Program.

Kurnai College will receive $114,000 under the funding while the other listed schools in the region will receive between $5000 and $49,000.

Mr Merlino said the Planned Maintenance Program allowed schools to refurbish, demolish or replace buildings that fell below minimum standards.

“This funding boost will allow hundreds more Victorian schools to replace or upgrade buildings in poor condition so that our teachers and students have the first-rate facilities they deserve,” Mr Merlino said.

An additional 65 state schools shared in $10.8 million under the first round of funding earlier this year, which was provided to complement major redevelopments or upgrades funded at those schools in the state budget.

A list of schools to receive upgrades under round two of the Planned Maintenance Program is available at

Kurnai College: $114,000

Churchill Primary School: $49,000

Moe Albert Street Primary School: $46,000

Moe South Street Primary School: $36,000

Glengarry Primary School: $29,000

Hazelwood North Primary School: $8000

Tyers Primary School: $6000

Yallourn North Primary School: $6000

Tanjil South Primary School: $5000