Marching to 100-day milestone

“We all love counting” was the song of the day at Kosciusko Street Primary School’s prep to grade two ‘100 days of school’ celebrations.

Teacher Melissa Hamilton said the celebrations were based on a book titled 100 Hungry Ants in which 100 ants form a single line to get to a picnic and then change to walk in twos, fours and tens.

“We’re looking at numbers and counting today,” she said.

Students and teachers came dressed as ants by wearing all black clothing with ant masks that had been made in class by students earlier.

Ms Hamilton said students were particularly looking at the number 100 and the ways it could be divided up by other numbers.

“We’re looking at numbers in all different ways and groupings,” she said.

Students marched into the gymnasium in lines, like ants, and had a picnic with iced biscuits and other activities involving counting and numbers.

Students also brought ‘ants’, made out of egg cartons painted black with pipe cleaners for antennas, to the celebration activities.