Safety a priority of CBD upgrades

Staff writers

High-risk streets and local precincts in the Latrobe Valley will be made safer as part of a new state government program which works with councils and communities to improve local regional roads.

The program aims to create safer local roads for all road users, particularly pedestrians and cyclists, and to reduce road trauma in regional communities across Victoria.

Regional Roads Victoria worked with councils across the state to identify high-risk local roads and precincts, and design safety upgrades to address community road safety concerns.

The following upgrades will be made in the Traralgon, Moe and Morwell CBD:

Traralgon CBD

In the Traralgon CBD, a safer speed limit of 40 km/h will be introduced in the area bounded by Breed Street, Grey Street and the Princes Highway along Breed Street, Grey Street, Franklin Street, Church Street, Seymour Street and Hotham Street.

Pedestrian safety will be improved through new pedestrian signals near the Breed Street Clinic, a pedestrian crossing at Kay Street, an upgraded pedestrian crossing on Grey Street, and a raised pedestrian crossing and extended kerbing at Franklin Street and Church Street.


In the Moe CBD, a safer speed limit of 40 km/h will be introduced on Lloyd Street, George Street, Anzac Street, Albert Street, Saviges Road, High Street, Kirk Street, Market Street, Skeleton Lane and Fowler Street.

Other upgrades include extended kerbing on Kirk Street and George Street, a traffic island on Albert Street, a raised pedestrian crossing on Skeleton Lane, a kerb ramp on Moore Street, and a painted centre median along Albert Street.

Morwell CBD

In the Morwell CBD, a safer speed limit of 40 km/h will be introduced Maryvale Crescent, Elgin Street, Ann Street, George Street, Collins Street, Buckley Street, Hoyle Street, White Street, Tarwin Street and Commercial Road.

Buckley Street will also have raised pedestrian crossings at the intersections of Collins Street and Hoyle Street, a kerb ramp at Church Street, and a painted centre median.

Extended kerbing will also be installed at the intersections of Collins Street and Princes Drive; Hoyle Street and Princes Drive, and on Ann Street.