Hazelwood dredger collapse slated by the end of next week

The first of Hazelwood’s four massive dredgers is expected to be demolished towards the end of the week as part of the mine rehabilitation project.

However, ENGIE Hazelwood is stressing the collapse will not be visible to the community as the demolition will be taking place within the mine.

The felling will take only about 10 to 15 seconds and an exclusion zone will be established around each of the dredgers to ensure the safety of the workforce.

No road closures are expected.

ENGIE is not expecting any significant noise or vibration to take place during the collapse due to the location of the dredgers.

The remaining three dredgers will be brought down in the following months.

All four bucket wheel excavators will be explosively blast felled to achieve an engineered controlled collapse and then will be mechanically dismantled, with materials removed for recycling.

The controlled collapse is being carried-out by demolition contractor Delta Group following a detailed analysis and risk assessment process in consultation with regulatory agencies.

The explosive cutting charges will enable the dredgers to be brought to the ground for safe dismantling, removal and recycling.

ENGIE is stressing there is no remaining asbestos in any of the dredgers. All components containing asbestos were removed during decommissioning and demolition preparation.

For more information, visit www.hazelwoodrehabilitation.com.au.