Historic power pump goes ‘home’

The pump is delivered to the Old Brown Coal Mine Museum. Yallourn North Historical Society committee members present were President David Roberts and committee members Warren Xerri, Gerry Rosenboom and Kerryn Rosenboom. photograph supplied

Staff writers

A little piece of history has returned ‘home’, with a near century-old Boiler Feed Pump from the Yallourn A power station delivered back to the Old Brown Coal Mine Museum at Yallourn North.

The pump served at the Yallourn “A” Power Station from 1924 until 1968, before being transferred to Hazelwood which was the training base for the then SEC of Victoria.

After privatisation, the cast iron pump was set up in the former Hazelwood Power Station reception foyer as a display piece.

The ENGIE Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project was keen to see the pump retained and in conjunction with principal demolition contractor Delta Group has donated it to form part of the impressive display at the Old Brown Coal Mine Museum.

Early this year members of the Yallourn North Historical Society inspected the pump and were equally keen to see the one and a half tonne antique returned to the Yallourn area.

“The pump was an essential part of the power station operations and it is wonderful to have this original pump at the Museum,” Yallourn North Historical Society president David Roberts said.

“We’re very pleased to be able to retain this piece of history which adds to our extensive memorabilia at Yallourn North.”

In a joint effort late in October 2021, the pump was transported by the Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project principal demolition contractor, Delta Group, to Yallourn North, where a Yallourn Energy crane operator gently placed it on a pre-prepared concrete slab.

The pump, along with other historic memorabilia from Yallourn and the former SEC of Victoria, will now form part of the display maintained at the Museum by a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

The Old Brown Coal Mine Museum is open Sundays from 10am to 4pm, Monday and Tuesday from 10am to 3pm, with group bookings any day by appointment.