Strength through sport at SEDA

Not all teenagers are suited to mainstream schooling, as the students enrolled at Traralgon’s Sports Education and Development Australia can attest to.

“I couldn’t handle sitting down in the classroom and reading all the books,” current SEDA student Sharnie Paterson said.

Sharnie, who is now excelling in the SEDA program, was one of many students who has responded well to the school’s practical learning style, according to teacher Kent Hammond.

The three-year program offers students certificate level studies in sport and recreation and in the final year, a diploma of sport (development).

“It provides students with an alternative pathway to complete their secondary education through a certificate three and four and a diploma in sports and recreation,” Hammond said.

Students currently have three streams to choose from – soccer, cricket and Australian Rules Football, but as of next year, basketball and netball will be added to the program.

“It’s likely that the netball, soccer and basketball kids will go into one stream because we probably won’t have the numbers to have a stream in each of those sports,” Hammond said.

“But you don’t have to have a strength in that sport (the stream you are enrolled in); you just need an interest in sport because the curriculum caters to anyone interested in sport.”

For example, Glengarry motorbike rider Ben Currie is completing the SEDA program in the cricket stream, but acknowledged he had only a passing interest in cricket.

“I played cricket in under 12s through to 16s, but I gave up to focus on the bikes,” Ben said.

“It’s (being in the cricket stream) is hardly cricket oriented, it’s just the clinics we do in schools is where the main cricket part comes in.

He said regardless of what sport someone was interested in, being SEDA student “makes you want to learn” through the more “hands on and enjoyable” work.

SEDA is holding an information night for prospective students and their parents on Wednesday, 15 August, beginning at 7pm.

The evening will be held at the Traralgon Recreation Reserve, where SEDA is based.

For more information phone Aimee McKie on 9819 9669 or email