Hospital heroes’ marathon effort

THE Traralgon Marathon has always been about community involvement, but last year’s event ramped it up to new levels.

Not only did 800 runners and walkers combine to generate a total of $17,500 for Latrobe Regional Hospital, the community has been involved in shaping the Mental Health Appeal project it helped fund.

Marathon organiser Traralgon Harriers and other community groups have been involved in designing the redevelopment blueprints for the mental health inpatient units, being overhauled thanks to the donation.

“It’s been great to have the (Traralgon) Harriers involved not only in raising the funds but being able to come on board with us and have some conversations about what will be included, and the community has been very actively involved in that space too,” LRH board of directors chair Kellie O’Callaghan said.

High school students from Traralgon Secondary College have also been engaged in designing the youth courtyards specifically.

“It’s all great for us to have ideas about what we think might be appropriate in terms of those facilities but young people are better at designing things for young people, so it was great to have them involved,” O’Callaghan said.

“They were actively involved in the launch of the mental health appeal all the way through, and they’ve been sharing stories around the importance of mental health awareness in the community.”

Money raised at this year’s Traralgon Marathon on 21 June will go toward LRH special projects and equipment purchases.