Olympians, NYU play out stalemate

Laurie Williams



Second-placed Olympians were within a whisker of beating league leaders Newborough/Yallourn in a hard game which finished in a 1-1 draw.

As a result, Olympians were stripped of the double chance and are now in fourth spot on the ladder.

Newborough/Yallourn fought hard with Olympians blocking out the usually strong attacking United.

Alex Van Vliet eventually got Newborough/Yallourn on track with a good goal at 32 minutes which took them to the break 1-0 up.

Olympians applied the pressure in the second half and were nearly rewarded when a flying shot hit the bar but rebounded.

Olympians, however, recovered and with the clock ticking down were able to equalise 10 minutes before full time through Jaydon Steele.

Fortuna v Trafalgar

Although Fortuna were favoured to beat Trafalgar it was the visitors who fought bravely to end up with a win, 4-2.

Setting the pace early was Fortuna with reliable defender Shane Cassar able to find space to open Fortuna’s account at seven minutes.

Hayden Cook put one in at 31 minutes for the Lions and just before half-time Matt Coward ensured that Fortuna would go into the break 3-0 up.

Another goal by Hayden Cook for Fortuna after the break saw them race to a 4-0 lead.

Trafalgar applied the pressure thereafter and were rewarded at 78 minutes when Jackson Landy broke the drought.

Before the finish Trafalgar came back through Aiden Wyatt but Fortuna had built up a buffer to run out 4-2 winners.

Falcons v Sale

Falcons had to fight hard against a feisty Sale team with the Swans making Falcons play hardball.

Falcons had to come from a goal down to overrun the Swans.

Sale’s Jacob Richardson gave the Swans an early break with a goal just before half-time which gave them plenty of confidence going into the second stanza.

Falcons couldn’t be contained in the second half as Jamie Pistrin equalised with only eight minutes gone.

Sale applied the pressure and it was end-to-end work by both teams as they tried to break the deadlock.

Winger Kevin Carcella, always a goer for Falcons, put himself on the scoresheet with only three minutes to play to give Falcons a 2-1 victory.

Traralgon City v Monash

A high-scoring Traralgon City ensured second place on the ladder with a 6-0 win over Monash.

The big win was led by striker James Sykes who bagged a hat-trick with goals at 44, 51 and 64 minutes.

Brandon Scott opened the scoring for City at three minutes which set the pathway for the side to score freely.

The second half saw the Roosters add another four goals with Jake Bujida and DJ Matar scoring the final two to give them a 6-0 victory.

Moe v Churchill

Moe set themselves up with a good win over Churchill, the Red Devils setting up first half goals from Matt Shearing (17) and Ty Georgiou (41) before Harley Robinson made it 3-0 just after half-time.

Churchill were on the back pedal facing a 3-0 deficit but came back with two goals from Sam Di Ciero (76) and Lachlan Huizer (81).

Moe hung on but there were times when Churchill showed good passages of play only to be let down by poor passing with Moe taking the match 3-2.

LVSL women

Traralgon City continue to be the top side with a strong 4-1 win over Monash while second-placed Fortuna gave potential finalists Trafalgar a 5-1 beating.

Newborough/Yallourn got the points over Olympians, 2-0 and Falcons had a good 5-0 win over Sale.

Moe scored a 4-0 win over Churchill.

Round 16 preview

With only three games to play in the regular season Newborough/Yallourn need to secure a win over Moe this weekend in order to secure the league championship.

Newborough/Yallourn have never been in a position to win the top prize but will need to win at least one more match to secure the trophy.

Moe will make it hard for United as they beat them last time, 1-0.

Games played: 43, Moe 28, Newborough/Yallourn 10, drawn 5.

Last time: Moe 1-0.

Olympians v Fortuna

This will be a big match between two teams striving to climb higher on the table.

Olympians dropped two places after their draw against NYU last week.

Fortuna are on the edge of the top six and will need to beat Olympians to give themselves a chance of being in the finals.

Games played: 83, Fortuna 40, Olympians 31, drawn 12.

Last time: Fortuna 2-1

Falcons v Monash

Falcons in third face a danger game against Monash who look like missing out this season.

The Wolves are in seventh, only one point below Fortuna, and could potentially make finals but need to get past Falcons to make it happen.

Games played: 40, Falcons 17, Monash 14, drawn 9.

Last time: Falcons 4-1

Traralgon City v Sale

Traralgon City, in second position, look to be the only real challengers to Newborough/Yallourn in top position.

With eight points on the line Traralgon City, with three wins, could mathematically gain top spot but need United to drop one of their remaining three games.

Played 88, Traralgon City 47, Sale 25, drawn 16.

Last time: Traralgon City 3-0

Trafalgar v Churchill

Trafalgar’s last real chance of a win comes in the form of Churchill this weekend.

Trafalgar haven’t gained any points this season but Churchill, two spots higher on the ladder, remain their best bet.

Games played: 9, Churchill 5, Trafalgar 4.

Last time: Churchill 1-0.

Road to the finals

1. Newborough/Yallourn (40) play: Moe (5th) Traralgon City (2nd) and Fortuna (6th).

2. Traralgon City (32) play: Sale (9th) New/Yall (1st), Moe (5th)

3. Falcons (31) play Monash (7th) Moe (5th), Churchill (8th)

4. Olympians (31) play Fortuna (6th) Trafalgar (10th), Monash (7th)

5. Moe (25) play Newborough/Yallourn (1st) Falcons (3rd) Traralgon City (2nd)

6. Fortuna (22) play Olympians (4th), Sale (9th) New/Yall (1st)

7. Monash (21) play Falcons (3rd), Churchill (8th) Olympians (4th)