Busy fortnight for the Harriers

On October 24, the Traralgon Harriers event was held in Newborough. The group started from the Botanic Drive tennis courts, the newly-modified 5km course gave runners some respite from the heat as they ran purely along the rain trails.

The Harriers welcomed three newcomers in Chris Can Unen 24:28, Alysha Duncan 26:38 and Lauren Cross 27:39 who joined after strong showings over the Winter Cross Country Championships.

Finishing first on handicap for the night was Ron Verschuur 27:10 followed by Darrel Cross 19:22 and Chris Van Unen in third.

The fastest female on the night was Kay Frost 23:30. An impressive first run by Alysha Duncan saw her cross second quickest and Michelle Sawyer 27:20 was next.

The fastest male on the night was Darrel Cross 19:22, followed by Ian Cornthwaite 19:40 and Glenn Graham 20:21.

Results: Ron Verschuur 27:10, Darrel Cross 19:22, Chris Van Unen 24:28, Alysha Duncan 26:38, Kay Frost 23:30, Lauren Cross 27:39, Ian Cornthwaite 19:40, Callie Cook 31:05, Tom Irvine 26:16, Glenn Graham 20:21, Jason Irvine 27:27, Ruth Duljas 35:28, Phill Mayer 27:42, Michael Walker 27:43, Miles Verschuur 21:52, Steve McLeod 22:59, Michelle Sawyer 27:20, Michelle Colwell 35:40, Bob Duljas 35:46, Andrew Legge 26:45, Mandy Ellis 33:49, Gary Fox 26:54, Ann Bomers 38:00, Collette Hofmann 30:28, Edi Murat 28:08, Georgia Callaway 32:09, Kathy Quinn 41:36, Peter Grixti 45:07.

Last Thursday, the Harriers were back at in Traralgon for the 6km Tour de West run, starting from the clubrooms at Traralgon West Sports Complex.

Extremely warm conditions tested the runners who didn’t have the luxury of running through trails this week.

It was a dominant performance from some veteran Harriers, with the three fastest runners finishing in the top handicap positions. All three started off an 18-minute handicap and first across the line was Ian Cornthwaite 24:41, holding out Glenn Graham 25:08 and Darrel Cross 25:20.

In just her second run with the Harriers, Alysha Duncan 32:49 is proving that she will mix it with the best of the females this summer season, finishing second fastest between Karen Graham 29:29 and Kay Frost 34:40.

This week’s Thursday night run November 7 is the Crinigan Road 6km event, with junior 1.1km and intermediate 3km options. Anyone is always welcome to come along and run. For all upcoming runs please visit traralgonharriers.org.au.

Results: Ian Cornthwaite 24:41, Glenn Graham 25:08, Darrel Cross 25:20, Chris Van Unen 30:41, Alysha Duncan 32:49, Andrew Greenhill 28:55, Jason Irvine 33:16, Karen Graham 29:29, Steve McLeod 29:06, Ron Verschuur 35:21, Kris Vallak 36:02, Phill Mayer 36:02, Edi Murat 36:10, Warren Shields 34:39, Kay Frost 34:40, Kaye Livingstone 37:47, Callie Cook 42:02, Bob Bickett 40:18, Gary Fox 35:20, Mandy Ellis 42:21, Michael Walker 39:30, Collette Hofmann 39:32, Bob Duljas 46:55, Tim Buckley 41:14, Pete Sanders 37:16, Georgia Callaway 45:25, Ruth Duljas 51:12, Barry Higgins [4.75km] 39:34.