Newborough staves off Moe

Steady: Kirsty Van den Hoff helped Traralgon to a win over Trafalgar in Saturday Pennant. file photograph


Newborough, after last week’s narrow win over Traralgon RSL, enjoyed another close victory, this time over Moe by seven shots.
Tommy Lodge and his rink of Barry Daley, John Backman and Scott Jones had a 25-16 win over Steve Pallot.
Other winning Newborough skippers were Alan Grubb 27-24 over Ted Kuklinsky and Kevin Lovett 21-20 over Jayde Leech.
Sandy Caines and his rink of Lachlan Sim, Greg King and Banger Harvey were the lone Moe winners defeating Nosha Michaels 25-19.
Newborough 16-92 defeated Moe 2-85.
Traralgon had another huge win over Trafalgar. Matt Ferrari and his team of Kirsty Van den Hoff, Kevin Enguell and Ian Kirkup won 39-8 over Paul Dawson.
Vin McIlwain defeated Tim Fraser 27-23 after trailing for much of the day, Phil Mustoe defeated Ian Miles 27-15 and James Scullin defeated Darren Kane 23-17 to complete the clean sweep.
Traralgon 18-116 defeated Trafalgar 0-63.
TRARALGON RSL’s Alan Kanavan and his rink of Titch Hore, Ian Hartley and Bedau Williamson won 44–8 over Warragul rival Andrew Glover.
Other winning rinks for Traralgon RSL were Morice Gardiner, who won 27-17 over Graeme Davis and Ross Sizeland, who won 24-20 over Matt Schreyer.
The lone winning Warragul rink was Dave Smith and his team of John Vickerman, Jim Power and Pat Hammond.
Traralgon RSL 16-112 defeated Warragul 2-65.
Brett Harle and his rink of Duncan Hanlon, Roger Rejmer and Tara Harle had a 25-15 win over Mark Atkinson.
Nobby Noblett and his team of Zac Arnold, Alan Campbell and David Stevens won 24-15 over Toby Wallace.
Morwell Club are to be congratulated for giving 13-year-old Zac his first game of Division 1 pennant and he performed admirably. Rod Smith defeated Samantha Atkinson 21-20 and the lone winner for Drouin was Sheryl Atkinson winning 27-21 over Glenn Trembath.
Morwell Club 16-91 defeated Drouin 2-77.

Thorpdale came down to earth playing at Drouin (2).
Col Jeffrey and his rink of Donald Mowat, Lyn Jeffrey and Clive Newman won 35-14 over Ross Kennedy.
Phil Jarred and his rink of John Bickerdike, Mary Firth and Neil Bullen won 37-19 over Danny Barry Daley,Vanzuylen. Brian Thorpe defeated Brendan Jennings 24-17.
Ben Powell was the only winning Thorpdale rink.
Drouin (2) 16-114 defeated Thorpdale 2-71.
Longwarry travelled to Neerim District and
followed their great win over ladder leaders Morwell last week with a follow-up win against Neerim District.
Adam Proctor and his rink of Peter Lieshout, Grant Pask and Ian Peterson had a 40-11 win over Angus McGillivray.
Ken White and his team of Elio Megetto, Barry White and Jason Lieshout had a 35-11 win over Ross Pollard.
The other winning Longwarry skipper was Ken Towt who defeated Ray Watts 30-22.
Longwarry 16-131 defeated Neerim District 2-71.
Traralgon (2) had a big win over near neighbour Traralgon RSL.
Graham Cross and his team of Matt Ogilivie, Ken Mooney and Ian Bloomfield won 36-22 over Max Gibbins.
Dave Currie and his team of Jedd Ladgrove, Frank Stake and William Francis won 29-15 over Joe Ward.
Other winning Traralgon skippers were Barry Fernance 26-22 over Alan Jones and Cary Locke with a 27-21 win over Eric Warfe.
Traralgon 18-118 defeated Traralgon RSL 0-80.
Gary Ingley and his home team of Graham Smith, Phil Marston and Spencer Goss had a 29-12 win over Ernie King.
The other winning Newborough (2) skipper was Graham Cocks, who defeated David Cook 23-17.
For the visitors, Nathan Cook and his rink of Bernie Detering, Abbas Mehran and Wayne Bishop had a 30-18 win over Joan Goldie and Ron Lyfield had a 22-21 win over John Wasiukiewicz.
Newborough (2) 14-91 defeated Morwell 4-81.

Newborough (3) travelled to Warragul (2) and Robbert Cook had a 30-24 win over David Gatewood, Jim Cuthbertson won 25-18 over Ian McCartney and Rod Dixon defeated Bill Clappers 24-22.
The lone winning Warragul (2) rink was Bob Currie.
Newborough (3) 14-99 defeated Warragul (2) 4-91.
Yinnar welcomed Moe (2) and had a good win with Trevor Berryman defeating Leigh Dodd 28-15, Murray De La Haye defeated John Woods 27-18 and Tim Roche defeated Val Griffiths 24-22.
The lone winning Moe (2) rink was Brian Rodgers defeating Ray Anstey 26-13.
Yinnar 16-92 defeated Moe (2) 2-81.
Playing their first match at night Morwell (2) had a good game against Boolarra with Laurie Melhuish and his rink of Ron Draeger.
Darrell White and John Bradbury defated Terry Parker 39-20. Ken Turner defeated Eddie Dudek 23-17.
For the visitors, Bob Allen defeated Shashi Bhatti 25-24 and Darren Napier defeated Bob Skinner 25-22.
Morwell (2) 14-108 defeated Boolarra 4-87.
Garfield had a big win at home against Traralgon (3) with Shane Oliver defeating May Cross 25-14, Stephen Bassed defeated Ron Baker 30-25.
Stephen Whyte defeated Brendon Smiles 29-17 and Nick Henwood defeated Norbert Schroeder 37-20.
Garfield 18-121 defeated Traralgon (3) 0-76.

Warragul (3)welcomed Trafalgar (2) with Bill Clarke and his rink of Warren Hobson, Sharon Bull and Lester Mason having a 34-20 win over Mal Clymo and Roy Hammond defeating Wayne Hurst 25-20 and Keith Wilkins defeated Bruce Giles 29-22.
The lone Trafalgar (2) skipper was Tony Dawson winning 34-19 over Russell Carrick.
Warragul (3) 16-107 defeated Trafalgar (2) 2-90.
Yallourn North had all rinks up against Yarragon. George Platschinda and his rink of Marce Mallia, Lynne Smith and Craig Speake won 40-17 over Jason Roberts. Other winning skippers were Robert Matthews winning 24-19 over Jarred Grigg, Darren Fry 28-22 over Richard Polmear and Gerry Rosenboom defeated Sam Mazza 24-16.
Yallourn North 18-116 defeated Yarragon 0-74.
Traralgon (4) had another sound win over a luckless Drouin (3) side.
Winning skippers for Traralgon (4) were Terry Lawrence who won 35-7 over Ethel Van Maanan, John Richardson 31-19 over Margaret Owens, Stuart Hulse 29-12 over Peter Hone and Ian Wills 32-11 over Gwen Price.
Traralgon (4) 18-127 defeated Drouin (3) 0-49.
Newborough (4) welcomed Morwell (3) and had a good win with Charlie Cadby and his rink of John Vicic, Keith Evans and Joy Cadby winning 38-18 over John Osborne.
Maurice Ludlow had a 23-14 win over Ian Auld.
The winning Morwell (3) skippers were Trevor Curtis and Bob D’Brass.
Newborough (4) 14-99 defeated Morwell (3) 4-86.

Neerim District (2) 16-82 defeated Morwell Club (2) 0-63 with all rinks up. Winning skippers were Jim Schroeder 31-17, Mal Collins 24-20 and Russell Meehan 27-26.
Garfield (2) 14-70 defeated Traralgon (5) 2-69 by only one shot in an enthralling game.
Invited to play a Friday night game under lights Churchill 16–102 defeated Morwell (4) 0-41. Traralgon RSL (3) 16-76 defeated Moe(3) 0-50.

Yinnar/Churchill 10-42 defeated Newborough (5) 0-32, Yallourn North 10-16 defeated Traralgon (6) 0-0, Trafalgar (3) 10-67 defeated Boolarra (2) 0-29, Thorpdale (2) 10-56 defeated Morwell Club (3) 0-36 and Longwarry 8-66 defeated Trafalgar (4) 0-34.

Trafalgar’s terrific Tuesday

Tuesday Pennant was played in warm conditions on January 25 allowing players to display their skills to the best of their abilities.

After their big win earlier in the season against Trafalgar the return match saw Traralgon RSL lose all rinks in the reverse match despite having the home ground advantage.
Heather Taylor and her rink of Pat Tatterson, Ian Miles and Tim Fraser led the way winning 26-14 over Margaret Gibbins. Other winning skippers were Sue Robinson and Helen Robertson.
Trafalgar 16-80 defeated Traralgon RSL 0-52.
Morwell Club used their home ground advantage to defeat traditional rivals Morwell. Beryl Noblett and her rink of Iyoko Yoshimura, Sue Karleusa and Tara Harle won 23-8 over Shirley Skinner.
Other winning skippers were Tess Borg winning 25-13 over Rita Reddiex and for Morwell, Glenda Thompson defeating Jan Karleusa 22-14.
Morwell Club 14-62 defeated Morwell 2-43.
Denise Hamilton and her rink of Graeme Aubrey, Jan Aubrey and Denis Throup had a 30-12 win over Gabrielle Draisma.
The other winning Drouin skipper was Maureen Leigton with a 21-15 win over Pat Hammond while Janette Gallasch salvaged a point for Warragul with an 18-18 draw with Sheryl Atkinson.
Drouin 15-69 defeated Warragul 1-45.
In a low-scoring match Traralgon had a good win over fierce rivals Newborough. Kathy Smiles and her rink of Chris Thomas, Shirley Whitechurch and Phil Mustoe had a 21-13 win over over Joan Goldie.
Pat Trewin was the other winning Traralgon skipperd defeating Debbie Kennedy 17-13 while Jo-Anne Michaels took the points with a 23-20 win over Paddy Francis.
Traralgon 14-58 defeated Newborough 2-49.

Traralgon (2) travelled to Moe and Dettie Wylie and her team of Lee Olding, Janis Kirby and Chris Ward defeated Lorraine Horton 21-15.
Lyn Bloomfield defeated Val Rodgers 17-16 and the only winning rink for Moe was Val Griffiths with a 19-14 win over May Cross.
Traralgon 14-52 defeated Moe 2-50.
Newborough (2) welcomed Neerim District with the local rink of Heather Mooney and her team of Wayne Butler, Denise Ryan and Michael Holroyd defeating Cookie Halligan 31-19.
Adrienne Birchall won 21-13 over Karren Sheers with the lone Neerim District winner Pat Fraser-Aurisch defeating Carmel Goss 20-12.
Newborough (2) 14-64 defeated Neerim District 2-52.
LeeanNe Broadbent and her rink of Geoff Unwin, Jo Leslie and Barry Flanigan won 24-19 to give Morwell Club (2) a good start only for the Warragul rinks of Chris Wilkins and Glynis Mitchell to win and draw the match 57-all.
Warragul (2) 9-57 drew with Morwell Club (2) 7-57.
Shirley Kolcze and her rink of Helen Cook, Jenny Medew and Bob Wilson won 27-20 over Mary Andrews and helped Morwell (2) gain a clean sweep over Drouin (2) with the other winning skippers Julie Klein and Palma McNeil.
Morwell (2) 16-63 defeated Drouin (2) 0-48.

TRAFALGAR (2) 15-59 defeated Morwell (3) 1-50, Traralgon (3) edged out Newborough (3) 14-59 to 2-51, Yinnar carried on their winning ways at Garfield, prevailing 14-68 to 2-55, while Warragul (3) and Drouin (3) shared the points with the match not played.
In Division 4, Morwell Club 10-53 defeated Drouin (4) 0-25, Trafalgar (3) 10-40 defeated Moe (2) 0-31, Yallourn North 9-37 defeated Yarragon 1-31 and Newborough (4) 10-48 defeated Yinnar (2) 0-28.