Car crashes into Morwell garden

A Morwell resident received a massive fright on Wednesday night after a car ploughed and into his garden and then left before police could arrive.

Sam Mizzi had just gone to bed when he heard a large crash outside his Maryvale Road home about 11.20pm.

He said when he went outside he found a “Japanese truck” had left the road and run into his garden.

He spoke to the driver, who offered to remove the vehicle from the garden.

Mr Mizzi said he accepted and believed they would exchange details for insurance purposes once the car was out of his garden.

However, the car then departed down Maryvale Road.

“As soon as I said I’ll ring the police he said he would take the car out – I thought he was going to give me the details,” Mr Mizzi said.

“Lucky the next door neighbour came over and she’s taken the registration number.”

He said the man drove off without headlights.

A large section of Mr Mizzi’s fence has been destroyed, part of his garden bed has been flattened and he has deep tyre marks in his garden.

But he said he was more concerned someone could have been hurt.

“He could have killed somebody,” Mr Mizzi said.

“This will show people the type of people we live with.

“I think he said to my wife he would fix the fence because he’s a builder – but when people make a run you’re not going to trust them, are you?”

Mr Mizzi reported the matter to Morwell police.

Anyone with information or witnessed suspicious behaviour near Maryvale Road last night should phone Constable Dale Thomas at Morwell Police Station on 5131 5000.