‘Mini tornado’ ransacks property

Sitting in her Morwell office during some rainy weather last week, Rosedale resident Linda Tanian didn’t expect to arrive home to uprooted trees and branches lying around her 32-hectare property.

“There was a storm come through. I was at work in Morwell, where we had a bit of rain, but I got home from work and everything was just trashed,” she said.

“It was very localised. I have a friend over a few paddocks and I went to check on her horses, but she didn’t have any [damage].”

In what Ms Tanian says may have been a “mini tornado”, a number of large trees were uprooted, outdoor furniture was strewn about and limbs from trees were scattered across her property.

“It was very unexpected,” she said.

“In the office there was just rain, no wind.”

While there was no serious damage to her home or livestock, Ms Tanian said it would probably take her a few weeks to clean up the debris.

“I lost a little bit of laser light on the garage, but there was more damage to the trees,” she said.

“The garden is just full of small branches and twigs.

“Now we’ve got to clean up there will be a lot of sweat and swearing I’m sure.”