Zucchini hits 84cm

The fruits of Morwell resident Giuseppe Nocera’s labour in his backyard vegetable garden are not fruits at all, but rather, giant zucchinis.

As an experienced vegetable grower, Mr Nocera has outdone himself this year, producing the largest zucchini he has seen yet.

Weighing in at about six kilograms, the vegetable is an impressive 84 centimetres long.

With plans to produce a metre-long zucchini in his crop next year using seeds from his largest zucchinis this year, Mr Nocera is not done yet.

“There are no tricks, you just have to water them well,” Mr Nocera said.

The positioning of the zucchini plant is another important element that Mr Nocera said was crucial to get right.

Mr Nocera places his zucchinis on top of an elevated shade cloth, so the growing vegetables can get plenty of sun.

“They like the sun,” he said.

“You have to get the amount of sun right, so they get the afternoon and morning sun.

“I reckon next year though they’ll grow to one metre.”