Beautiful donation is welcome

Hayley Mills

A small gesture of thanks to the front line workers at Latrobe Regional Hospital was delivered last week when small gift packs containing sensitive skin care products were donated by local business A World of Beauty.

After seeing a New South Wales medispa make a donation of the sort to their local hospital A World of Beauty owner Lauren Marks was eager to do the same.

Contacting her Dermalogica representative, Sally Esser, saw Ms Marks receive 1000 skin care packs ready for donation.

“Seeing a New South Wales medispa make a donation made me want to do something for our local hospital front line workers,” Ms Marks told The Express.

“I have a lot of friends, family and clients who are nurses and are working on the front line and I was hearing firsthand how difficult this situation is.”

Ms Marks said many of these front line workers are experiencing skin break outs due to the extensive PPE they’re required to wear and these packs were to help heal and repair their skin.

Latrobe Regional Hospital’s Support Services general manager Michelle Brady said that the skin packs were very well-received by all staff from nurses, environmental staff, kitchen staff to support services.

“It’s very humbling to have the community support particularly in a time like this,” Ms Brady said.

“Our environment staff work very silently in the background and were very appreciative of the packs and to be acknowledged for the work that they do.”

Ms Marks said this was A World of Beauty’s way of saying thank you for our front line workers.