Raffa bocce returns

THE ninth Australian Raffa Bocce Open Championship will be contested at the Italian Australian Sporting Club, Morwell this weekend.

The popular event has attracted teams from across New South Wales and Victoria all vying for first prize in the $3000 pool and the opportunity to represent Australia at the World Championships in Brazil.

Last year’s winners, the Sydney team of Rocco Mancini, Silvio Bruzzese and Santa Bruzzese will be the ones to beat.

The Sydneysiders led the local Morwell team of Diane Penney, Frank Fava and Nick Penney all the way in last year’s final for a convincing 7-4 win.

Raffa bocce is a fast-paced bowls sport, played with coloured unbiased bowls that the player can bowl or shoot to knock the opponent’s bowl away, or bounce the bowl off the side boards for a placement.

Some 45 countries on six continents regularly compete in world titles including the current team and singles titleholders, Argentina, Switzerland and Italy.

The final is scheduled for Sunday afternoon from 3pm.