Harriers run Chook Hill

On October 17, the Traralgon Harriers ran the 6km “Chook Hill” run just of Maryvale Road, Morwell.

Due to the amount of rain the sandy trails received in the days prior, the muddy conditions meant the run was held without racing for championship points.

Although no championship points were up for grabs, the handicap starting times still allowed runners to showcase their competitiveness.

The fastest female on the night was Molly Irvine (26:07) who also managed third across the overall.

The next fastest woman was Liz Kenny (34:27) who backed up superbly after running the Melbourne Marathon the Sunday beforehand, with Kaye Livingstone (34:31) finishing close behind. First across the line and the fastest male on the night was seasoned veteran Ian Cornthwaite (24:54), showing the field how to perfectly navigate the difficult, muddy, humid conditions.

The next fastest male was Marlon Misfud (26:01) who is now reaping the rewards of a strong, consistent winter season and hopefully we see many more top-three finishes for him this season. David Mann (26:22) is another continuing to improve each week.

Results: Ian Cornthwaite (24:54), Marlon Misfud (26:01), Molly Irvine (26:07), Tom Irvine (28:17), David Mann (26:22), Ron Verschuur (34:54), Joe Patrick (27:41), Steve McLeod (28:08), Bryan Cake (28:26), Alfie Warner (32:58), Edi Murat (34:23), Liz Kenney (34:27), Kaye Livingstone (34:31), Michael Walker (34:41), Phill Mayer (34:42), Tania Whitehead (35:46), Mandy Ellis (41:34), Barry Higgins (41:01), Tim Buckley (38:32), Georgia Callaway (40:17)